Cooked Products

  • Honey Roast Half Duck

    Silver Hill has produced a superior honey roasted half-duck requiring very little preparation to achieve an exciting meal. Fully cooked and partially deboned with a traditional honey glaze.
  • Crispy Roast Half Duck with 10 Chinese Pancakes and Hoi Sin sauce

    We have taken this very popular Chinese restaurant dish and created an authentic and convenient ready meal for the busy household. Marinated in a blend of Chinese spices our succulent tender meat and crispy skin are accompanied by Hoi sin sauce and 10 Chinese pancakes, simply add spring onion and cucumber to serve a tasty treat.
  • Boneless Duck with Seasonal Stuffing

    Silver Hill's Boneless Duck with Seasonal Stuffing offers something a little different.
    "A wonderful combination of oriental spices, with the succulent tasting duck. High class food"
  • Whole Aromatic Roast Duck

    Silver Hill has worked with some of the best Chinese chef's to produce a whole roasted Pekin Duck. The product is perfect for those who love the taste of duck but our too busy to cook it.
  • Confit of Duck Legs

    The Duck Leg is hand prepared and trimmed, marinated with subtle combination of Garlic, Black Pepper & Herbss before being slow cooked in our own duck fat to produce the finest Duck Confit.